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Costa del Sol’s roots are from an origin of Spain known as Galicia. Galicia is located in the extreme northwestern corner of Spain. Blessed with coastlines on two different oceans Galician fare often encompasses seafood and shellfish.

Sea scallops are abundant on the shores of Galicia, as well as octopus. Traditional Galician octopus must be pounded to be made tender, it is then cooked whole, cut into pieces and seasoned with olive oil, paprika and salt.

At Costa del Sol we incorporate the old and the new, breathing life into a cuisine rich in unique Spanish heritage. Vegetables, beans, and robust broths often frequent our distinct menu.

ajoarriero costa del sol restaurante Hartford CT

Another popular feature of our offerings are the Tapas. Throughout Spain locals and visitors alike are often served with small plates of savory tasters while ordering drinks at the bar. Keeping in line with traditional Galician dishes you will find a variety of authentic Spanish Tapas to enjoy with your favorite cocktail.

Costa del Sol proudly offers unique Mediterranean dishes indicative of historic importance to Hartford, CT and all CT residents looking for a destination culinary adventure. No Passport required!

Call 860-296-1714 to make your next reservation. Located at 901 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford CT, just over the Wethersfield town line.



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