Costa del Sol Restaurant Tapas

Tapas Tuesdays

Every week we put together a new selection of tapas, inspired by seasonal ingredients and the flavors of Spain. Tapas are served throughout the night in the bar on Tuesdays and available for happy hour from 5 to 6:30.

Sopa de ajo
Andausian style chicken garlic soup with a touch of sherry and cumin, 5.00
Gambita – al la guindilla
Shrimp sautéed with crushed red pepper garlic and wine, 7.50
Tortilla de patatas
Spanish potato and onion omelet, 4.50 
Empanadillas de pollo
Chicken and onion turnovers (5), 5.50
Pulpo en vinagreta
Octopus salad with tomatoes, mango, and butter beans with a tropical vinaigrette, 8.00
Mini codillos de cerdo
Mini “Wild Wings” pork shank osso buco with a sherry demi-glace (2), 8.00 
Vieiras a la plancha
Grilled scallops over strawberry risotto, 10.00
Fideua de pollo, chorizo y camarón
Thin noodle paella with chicken, chorizo and shrimp (minimum for two)     ( for 2 ), 14.00